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May 2014

Lazy Susan Basket
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Lazy Susan Basket
12” Lazy susan Base
#2 round reed
5/8” flat reed
1/4” flat reed
3/8” flat oval reed
1. From5/8” flat reed, cut 32 pieces 8” long. Soak briefly.
2. Insert these into groove on base, wrong side up, distributing evenly around base.
3. Using #2 round reed that has been soaked either twine 2 rows or do 2 rows of chase weaving around base keeping as tight to the base as possible as this is what will hold spokes in place.
4. Gently bend all spokes upwards.
5. Using Ό” flat reed weave 1 row overlapping 4 spokes at the end of the row. Use lots of clothespins to keep in place and make sure the weaving is packed tight to the round reed.
6. Weave 13 more rows of start/stop weaving. Be creative and use rows of dyed reed to add colour to your basket.
7. As you weave sides should make a gentle curve upwards from the round reed.
8. Cut and tuck spokes. Inside spokes cut even with top of basket. Outside spokes cut on an angle and tuck into second row of weaving on inside of basket.
9. Make rim by wrapping inside and outside with 3/8” flat oval reed and lay seagrass on top. Hold together with clothespins or cable ties.
10. Lash with Ό” flat reed.
Basket as pictured has 2 rows of Ό smoked flat reed and 1 row of braided seagrass as accent.
Decorate basket to suit your taste and dιcor.
Always sign and date the bottom of your basket with a permanent marker.
If desired stain basket with product of choice.
Wanda Haydt

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