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March 2014

Bike Basket
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Classic Bike Basket
(with shoulder strap)
3/4” flat reed (stakes)
3/8” flat reed (weavers)
Ό” flat reed (lashing, weavers)
½” flat reed (fillers)
#3 rd. reed (base twining)
seagreass (rim filler)
1/2” flat oval reed (rim)
2 1” D rings
4’ of 1” wide shaker tape
2 velcro straps
To make basket without shoulder strap omit D rings and shaker tape
Cut from 3/4” reed 7 pieces at 30” long and 5 pieces at 33” long, mark centers on the wrong (rough) side.
Cut from ½” flat reed 4 pieces at 18”. Mark centers on right side.
Soak all reed before using.
1. Lay out base vertically beginning with 7 @30” spokes , marked side up, with ½” spaces between.
2. Weave 33” spoke horizontally across center makrs beginning under than over.
3. Weave a filler spoke on each side of center spoke.
4. Alternate weaving in 33” spokes and filler spokes until all are woven.
5. Pack base spokes tightly. Will measure approx. 8” by 6”
6. Flip base over and tuck filler spokes under weaving
7. Flip base back and twine for 2 rows with #3 round reed.
8. Upset spokes by making a gentle upwards bend over your finger.
When weaving sides remember to keep the back very flat and the sides and front should be rounded.
1. Weave the first row using 3/8” flat reed using lots of clothes pins to hold the row in place.
2. At the end of row overlap four spokes, hiding the ends, and cut the reed.
3. Turn the basket Ό turn and weave the next row, moving clothes pins up as you weave. You probably won’t need clothes pins after 4 rows of weaving.
4. Continue weaving for a total of 21 rows. Keep rear spokes as straight and flat as possible and allowing sides and front to round outwards.
5. To create opening at bike of basket (to allow to attach to back) cut and tuck the 2nd and 6th spokes
6. Using a long piece of Ό” flat, taper one end and place it behind the 7th spokes on the back of the basket.
7. Weave around the front of he basket to the 1st spoke on the rear of the basket.
8. Turn on this spoke a do continuous weave for 4 rows.
9. Do the same on the rear center spokes of the basket. Start behind the 3rd spoke, weave to the 5th spoke and turn. Complete 4 rows.
10. Slip a D ring over the center spoke on each short side of basket.
11. Twine for 3 rows with # 3 round reed. When twining over the two openings on rear of basket give the reed 2 twists then continue twining.
12. Cut stakes to a point and tuck to inside of basket under first available weaver.
13. Apply ½” flat oval inside and outside as rim, shaving ends where they overlap and use seagrass as rim filler. Hold in place with clothes pins or cable ties.
14. Lash with Ό” flat reed..
15. If desired stain basket with product of choice.
16. Always sign and date basket.
Determine required length of shaker tape strap and attach to D rings by gluing or sewing ends.
Attach basket to bike with Velcro straps
Decorate basket to suit your taste and dιcor.
Always sign and date the bottom of your basket with a permanent marker.
If desired stain basket with product of choice.
Wanda Haydt

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