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July 2015

Beginners Market Basket
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Beginner Market Basket
(Base 9 by 9, approx. 9 high, top approx. 12 by 12)
12 x 14 Round Notched handle or swing handle
1/4", 3/8", 5/8" flat reed
1/2" flat/oval
1. Cut 18 spokes from 5/8" flat - 32" long
2. Weave the base by placing 9 spokes vertically and then weave 9 spokes horizontally. Weave in an over and under pattern ensuring spokes are opposite the one next to it.
3. Adjust base to measure 9" wide by 9" long.
4. Upsett spokes by making a gentle upwards bend over your finger.
5. Using 5/8 flat reed weave 12 rows.
6. Start by pinning reed behind 1 spoke and work around basket, behind 1 spoke, in front of the next.
7. When you get back to where you start overlap 4 spokes and cut the reed, tucking the end behind the spoke so it is hid. Use lots of clothespins to hold reed in place when starting and remember to pack tightly after each row.
8. Weave 1 row with 3/8 flat reed.
9. Fold, cut and tuck the outside spokes.
10. Cut off the inside spokes even with top of basket.
11. Insert handle on center spoke on opposite sides of basket. Slide handle ear behind 2 rows of weaving leaving notch edge just below last row of weaving.
12. Wrap the rim with 1/2" flat oval.
13. Use seagrass for filler.
14. Lash with 1/4" flat.
15. If you wish, you can square the corners and give the basket a totally different shape.
Decorate basket as you desire.
Always sign and date the bottom of your basket with a permanent marker.
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Wanda Haydt

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