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December 2015

Potato Masher Basket
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Potato Masher Basket
Dimensions: Base approx. 4 by 8
Height at rim: depends on where handle makes its bend
Materials: Potato Masher, Seagrass, flat reed (weavers), 3/8 flat reed(weavers and spokes)
Preparation: From 3/8 flat reed cut 12 pieces @ 14 and 5 pieces at 18
Soak reed materials before using.
1. Use the potato masher as if it were a D market handle, however, the base will be constructed so it is on top of the masher portion between the handles. Place the masher in front of you with the handle in a vertical position.
2. Place one of the fourteen inch spokes so that it lies to the immediate right of the handle and on top of the masher. Place a second 14 spoke to the immediate left of the handle and on top of masher. (These 2 reed spokes and metal handle will be treated as a single spoke when weaving the sides)
3. Place five more spokes to the right of these centre spokes and place five more spokes to the left of the centre spokes. Spokes will be about apart so that the base measures about 8 in length.
4. Weave the five eighteen inch spokes across horizontally. You will weave only with the reed spokes, the base will sit between the handles on top of the masher portion. 5. Always treat the two centre reed spokes and the metal handles as if they were a single spoke. Upsett the spokes.
1. Weave the sides by placing one end of long piece of 3/8 flat reed, wrong side against the stakes on any stake that originates beneath the base. (every other stake comes from underneath).
2. Weave all the way around the basket (treating the two centre reeds and metal handle as one spoke) going in front of one piece behind the next.
3. End the row by overlapping 4 ends and leaving each end hidden behind a spoke or weaver.
4. Repeat this with one more row with 3/8 flat.
5. Then weave 7 rows using flat reed
6. Trim the stakes that are on the inside of the basket even with the top of the basket
7. Cut the stakes on the outside of the basket on an angle long enough to tuck into weaving on inside of basket.
8. Apply a piece of wet 3/8 flat reed around the outside top of the basket, holding it in place with clothespins. Allow the ends to overlap about 2.
9. Apply a second piece of wet 3/8 flat reed to inside top of the basket. Hold both pieces to the top row of weaving with same clothespins.
10. Place seagrass between the two top pieces of 3/8 flat reed, still holding all pieces together with the same pins.
11. With a long, wet piece of flat reed lash all the rim pieces together.
Decorate basket as you desire.
Always sign and date the bottom of your basket with a permanent marker.
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Wanda Haydt

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