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These baskets or similar ones are available for purchase.
Email for information on availability and pricing of these or other custom baskets.

Baskets can be stained in several different shades--black walnut, walnut, maple, oak, golden oak, pine, early american or left natural

On most baskets, accent colours and decorative trim can be whatever you wish

Antler Basket

Antler Knot Basket

Lazy Susan Basket

Buffet Basket

Square and Round Basket

Gathering Basket

Clothespin Basket

Santa's Sleigh

Cat Tail Basket

Bucket Basket

Twill Waving Purse

Antler Magazine Basket

Tote Basket

Fishing Creel Basket

Berry Basket

Garden Basket

Back Pack Basket

File It Basket Basket

Lighthouse Wall Basket

Round Arrow Tray

Oval Arrow Tray

Antler Magazine Basket

Maple Basket

Shaped Top Round Basket

Side by Side Basket

Two Handled Sunflower Basket

Fancy Top Bowl Basket

Feathered Antler Basket

Side by Side Basket

Feathered Antler Basket

Shallom's Wedding Basket

Star Basket

Lady Bug
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